Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

@ Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Fort Pierce Location! - Now serving cold beer and wine!


Soft rice noodles with rich flavor broth that will make you crave for more.


Steamed Jasmine rice with your choice of protein.


Our vermicelli noodle mixed with fresh vegetables and a protein of your choice.


Our journey started in July 1993.

Our family immigrated from Vietnam to Port St. Lucie, Florida in the summer of 1993. Port St. Lucie was just like a wild country side. We craved for a bowl of Pho, a staple in our homeland, but there was none in the area. Six months later we moved to Boston, Massachusetts and later worked at Le’s Restaurant (formerly Pho Pasteur) for over 20 years. With the love and passion for cooking, the idea of opening a Pho restaurant in Port St. Lucie was always on our hearts. In 2016, we finally had the chance to make it a reality. With much dedication and determination, we opened our first restaurant, Pho Deli, here in Port St. Lucie - where it all started. 

"Our secret ingredients? just freshness"